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Are you looking for Farm Insurance in Indiana?

As a farmer and business owner, you know the importance of having that layer of insurance protection. Have you checked out all the different types of liability insurance for your farm or ranch? Farm liability coverage is designed to protect the people who come to visit your farm or the property of others if it is damaged due to your farm operations. Let’s review the different types and look at how they can help safeguard your lifestyle.

What does Farm Insurance Cover?

Dwelling Coverage (your farmhouse) – Helps to pay for the repair or rebuilding of your home if it is damaged or destroyed by – among other things – fire, wind, hail, or lightning.

Farm Structures – Here’s where we can cover the barns, farm buildings, portable buildings, and even additional farm dwellings.

Private Structures – This is where coverage can be found for structures not used in the farming operation. Have a fence? It’s covered. Gazebo or personal storage shed? Covered.

Personal Property (your stuff, though, not your farm stuff) – Protects the things in your house: your furniture, clothes, appliances, and all those knick knacks. For some really expensive items such as jewelry, guns, grandma’s silverware, and computers, you'll want to consider adding additional coverage.

Farm Personal Property – This is all the things you use for farming such as equipment, supplies, grain, and livestock.

Liability – This will help if you're held accountable for claims such as when someone is hurt or property belonging to others is damaged on your farm as a result of your farming operation.

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